Web Site Advantages
ith a restaurant Web site, you can harness the power of the Internet to reach new and returning customers alike, complementing your traditional marketing efforts.
  • In today's Internet-savvy world, people often start their restaurant search on the Web.
  • Speak directly to your potential customers.
  • Your Web site is your restaurant in the on-line world—without a presence, people will pass you by.
  • You control the content.  Let them see who you really are!
  • Branding to match your restaurant, rather than fitting into a generic restaurant listing service.
  • Full menu so customers can see what you offer, along with photos and text portraying the atmosphere, the owners & staff.
Our customers frequently know they need a Web site, but their expertise and passion are around creating food or a particular dining experience, or serving and interacting with their customers.  As for a Web site, they simply want someone to make it happen, and it should be affordable and hassle-free.
Does this sound familiar?  Then come talk to us.  Our expertise is in creating professional Web sites for restaurants.  And not just creating sites, but doing so in a manner which provides you—our customer—with a good experience.
Tamed Complexity
We understand both the Web technologies involved and the information which needs to be brought together and organized to provide an authentic, professional presentation of your restaurant.  It's easy for novices trying to create their own Web site, and even inexperienced Web developers, to underestimate the cost and effort involved in one or both of these, and end up with an inferior result or one that is late, over budget, or never completed.
We specialize in restaurant Web sites, and bring to bear decades of computer science and Web development experience.  Read more about what you can expect in the Information Interview and Photo Shoot, as well as what Packages are available, then come talk to us about establishing a path from the Web to your front door!
Dan Craft, PhD, CPC
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