The Info Interview
e have a friendly, efficient interview process for gathering the information for your Web site.  Together, we begin with any current marketing material you have, combing it for copy, photo images, and concepts you want to use on your site.
We ask you a series of questions—interview style—to gather additional infomation and begin to form a cohesive presentation.  Finally, we work with you to massage all the gathered information into a professional, authentic presentation of your restaurant.  This process takes about three hours.
The resulting effect is as if you were talking directly to your customers.  This affords an authentic, personal message with you telling them about your restaurant and inviting them in.
Authenticity is very important to us at Duck Soup Sites.  We want our customers’ Web sites to be true reflections of their restaurants.
When a dining customer visits a Web site, then visits the restaurant, we want them to experience the sense that they already know the restaurant when they walk in the door.  It should feel familiar.  And when they find what they are expecting, and return the next time, it will begin to feel like they’re coming to one of their favorite places!
Dan Craft, PhD, CPC
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