The Photo Shoot
he photos on a Web site have tremendous impact, conveying very quickly important aspects of the restaurant experience awaiting the viewer.
We will do a photo shoot to obtain pictures of you and your staff, your food, your restaurant entrance, and various restaurant scenes including food being prepared in the kitchen, served, and shared by diners enjoying the overall experience.  Our photographer is experienced in shooting restaurant scenes and making people feel comfortable being photographed.
We Want People!
We've found that, if you want to convey the experience people will have dining at your restaurant, you need to show people dining at your restaurant!  Many, many existing restaurant Web sites have photos of empty restaurants, or of a single table of diners in an obviously otherwise empty restaurant.  These simply are not as inviting as images of a restaurant full of diners truly enjoying themselves.
We have found several options that have worked well for our customers to incorporate people in the photos. (1) We can do the photo shoot with real customers on a quieter evening.  With minimal intrusion we can ask permission, snap a couple of photos, get simplified model releases signed, and leave them with a free dessert or some other token of thanks.  (2) We can do a staged photo shoot using family, friends, employees, regulars, etc.  This gives us more flexibility to set up shots and experiment with different mixes of people at a table and in the background.  (3) One of our customers chose to set up a special luncheon for the photo shoot, inviting all the regulars of his established, community-oriented restaurant.  This was an opportunity for him to acknowledge his regular customers and for some of them to see their photos on the Web.
Or You Can Provide the Photos
If you already have all the photos that will be needed for the Web site, and we judge them to be of sufficient quality, you can provide those and we will discount the price accordingly.  These photos must be ready to use—we cannot do any processing, e.g. Photoshop work, on them without additional charge.
You must own the copyright for the photos, and have satisfactory model releases signed by all identifiable subjects releasing Duck Soup Sites (as your assignee) from liability for use of the images.
Alternatively, you may arrange for a fully professional photo shoot complete with professional models for the highest quality images.  We will provide an approximate story board to your photographer.  These shoots are typically $500–$1000 for the photographer, depending on how familiar your photographer is with shooting restaurant scenes and food, plus the fees for the models.
Bottom Line
In whatever manner we obtain your photos, they will show your restaurant at its best and you as an integral part of that.  We will weave together an authentic expression of the experience diners will have so we can entice them off of the Internet and into your front door!
Dan Craft, PhD, CPC
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