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Fire Pit Fire Pit
A Friendly Place to Gather
The People
Dominic and Jeff Dominic and Jeff
Having a restaurant has always been a dream of Chef Dominic Carter's.  When he met Manager Jeff Tilman at a party, the two hit it off immediately when they realized their mutual passion for creating a restaurant.
Dominic had studied at the Culinary Institute of Florida, and spent several years learning from chefs in Jamaica and the Bahamas.  He was now ready to bring that knowledge of Caribbean flavors and spices to bear in his native Florida.
Jeff had been working as Associate Manager at the acclaimed Vincent's Place since finishing his degree in Restaurant Management seven years prior, and was eager to be in the driver's seat.  Things really started cooking as the two decided to create a friendly place to gather and enjoy great food.
The Space
Makin' Jamaican Makin' Jamaican
In 1962, the current location of Calypso Flavors was a hardware store.  When the previous owners vacated the space in 1983, Dominic and Jeff took it over.  There was a major renovation to create an atmosphere of fun and good times, centered around an open, bustling kitchen.  They also wanted a small outdoor stage for live music on the weekends to take advantage of Waicachi's island music heritage, but that would have to wait.
By 1991, news of the good times to be had at Calypso Flavors had spread and people were visiting from adjacent towns.  More space was needed!  The vacant lot north of the original property was annexed.  The indoor space was almost doubled and the patio area with the fire pit was added.  And Dominic and Jeff finally got the music stage they'd wanted.  Calypso Flavors has hosted such bands as the Calyposonians, Stevie S, and Makin' Jamaican.
If it's not fun, why do it?  We believe in the goodness of the world and giving each and every person that walks through our doors the ultimate dining experience.  Good Food, Good People, Good Vibe!
Commitment to Freshness
Island Kebobs Island Kebobs
Each and every meal is not made until the moment you order it!  Fresh produce is delivered daily along with the highest grade meats, poultry and seafood.  From our homemade sweet potato fries to our succulent marinades to our secret chocolate sauce, everything is made in-house to give you the freshest menu choices.  Quality is always at its peak while portions are never limited!
Calypso Flavors
386 Bimini Lane
(between Duval & Simonton)
Waicachi, Florida
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