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Salute! Salute!
LOVE this pasta!!
LOVE this pasta!!
Rigatoni del Bosco is what keeps me coming back here, I absolutely LOVE this pasta!!  I have even tried to recreate it in my kitchen, and while I've come close, it still doesn't taste as good as Lenato's.
Every time my Dad and I come here, I swear he asks for so many substitutions that they have to create a new dish for him, and they do it without a hitch every single time!
–Alison K., Seattle
Five Stars
Five Stars
The wonderful selection of small dishes and excellent service will keep us coming back again and again.
–Diane C., Tacoma
Best Small Plates, Best Wine, Great Service, Unpretentious
Best Small Plates, Best Wine, Great Service, Unpretentious
Ristorante Lenato is worth the drive from anywhere in the Seattle area, maybe even from Olympia!  I love their small plates idea.  Instead of ordering a big plate of one thing, you can order a few small plates of a variety of things.  Even better, if you're with a group of friends, you can all order a few and share.
It is so much fun and their prices are more than reasonable.  They also have traditional Italian fare with a 21st century flair.  I want to come for lunch one day for they have these things on their lunch menu called Piadina and Panzerotti.  I'm not sure what they are but I am definitely intrigued.  This is the first restaurant that I have been introduced to in a long time that has surprised me with new food choices.
–Alessandro N., Bellevue
The Owner Stops By Everyone's Table
The Owner Stops By Everyone's Table
Looking for a great place to take the whole family?  Lenato is a very good Italian restaurant that is child friendly.  They offer a solid diversity of salads, pastas and main courses--I recommend the Lenato Salad...very tasty with its sausage bits on top.  Everything is very fresh and the portions are manageable.  Service is excellent.  We were impressed how hard everyone from the bus boys to the owner make feel at home.  The owner stops by everyone's table to check how things are going and to make conversation.  He is really committed to making downtown dining in Lenato successful.
–James P., Seattle
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